The Trianon Group is a chain of family business residences whose owner is the Vaselli family.

The first Residence was built by Count Giuseppe Vaselli in Argentine, in the beautiful and central location of Recoleta, in Buenos Aires. In the '70s, his son, Dr. Ing. Roberto Vaselli built the Trianon Residence Hotel in San Paolo in Brasil, choosing a strategic position in the business heart of the city and close to the Trianon Park, from which the name derives. In the ‘80s the hotel was enlarged with the construction of a second tower.

With the acquired experience in the management of the two South American realities, the Vaselli family decides to requalify a whole building in Rome located in Piazza delle Vaschette, an old roman borough. The residence is in the immediate vicinity of the Vatican and the historic centre of the City. In 2009, then, a transformation in residence of another palace close to the Coliseum is foreseen. The group has also some Country Homes in the vicinity of the old town of Orvieto where you can enjoy real country living the way it was done in ancient times.

With its familiar dimension, Trianon Borgo Pio is particularly suitable for families, to whom it guarantees the quality of a personalized service with really good prices.